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Around the World

Navigating the obstacles of internationl travel wasn’t too difficult. The process went smoothly as planned and was much aided by the books I aquired along the way.

As my way of giving back to the universe I left some of my own art/books for future travelers in need of something to read:

Once in California, surrounded by people and suburbs, i searched for the plants and quickly found them in backyard sanctuaries …

and in a neighborhood plant nursery. Here are some moments in the nursery:

As usual I will be updating this post as the adventure continues. This blog and all my online projects are always a continuous work in progress.


New Horizons : Libra Gardener Seeds

This project has been several years in the making and started by a simple desire to produce something in my garden that can be shared with the world. Over the years I mulled over several business plans and even considered selling dried herbs which I grow. But that didnt really work and there doesn’t seem to actually be a need for more herbal products.

As the world changes, more and more folks are wondering how they can be positive influences on their local environments. Of course there are many, many ways to help Earth return to an ecological equilibrium. One such way is by planting a garden for pollinators & other beneficial insects – and this is a topic I am particularly passionate about, so it seemed like a good ideally on which to center my sustainable biz around.

Here in our garden we grow flowers of all kinds, perennial native plants alongside herbs and non-native animal flowers. Over the years I have been saving seed and planting successive generations and now I am at a point of wanting to share some of my favorite and easiest to grow from seed flowers: calendula, marigold, and culinary poppy.

On my Etsy page I posted a listing with those three seed packets and an accompanying zine with info about planting for pollinators and some articles about herbalism too.

A couple of pages from the zine featuring some of the most common butterflies of North & South America.

All together this is a perfect little starting point for growing a beautiful flower garden in almost any climate of the world and would be a great gift for yourself or some other aspiring gardener this spring.

In a future post I will go more in depth about each of these three flowers and in previous posts have talked about the butterflies in greater detail as well. So, expect more flower-goodness soon, until then I will leave you with the link to the listing if you are interested in supporting the world I do with this blog & in real life as well, thanks!


Snail Mail and my DIY publications

This project – Libra Gardener – is more than a blog, there is also a print publication (aka zine) associated with the work I publish online. Well, I say associated but really each zine dives deeply into subjects mentioned here, with color photos, handwritten tidbits and expanded articles on all the subjects I like herbalism, pollinators, and magic!

On my Etsy page you can find a variety of offerings: there are individual zines for sale as well as a combo-pack with all four instalments of this zine published in 2021.

Each zine is designed, printed, and hardbound by me and mailed out either from my homebases in Argentina or California, depending on the time of year.

So, with that said I cannot guarantee super fast shipping but I can ensure that you will receive a heart felt publication meant to inspire, and printed on ecological paper 😉

Thank you all so much for your support, views, comments and however it is that you participate in this garden-zine-project!


Flora Libra Zine #4

The latest installment of my gardening publication is here and ready to be mailed all over North America!

This zine is about building oasis – creating gardens and tending to them.

16 pages of color images printed on recycled paper and bound by hand. This title is available on my Etsy page, just $3, free shipping to Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Thank you all, dear readers, for your ongoing support!!