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Around the World

Navigating the obstacles of internationl travel wasn’t too difficult. The process went smoothly as planned and was much aided by the books I aquired along the way.

As my way of giving back to the universe I left some of my own art/books for future travelers in need of something to read:

Once in California, surrounded by people and suburbs, i searched for the plants and quickly found them in backyard sanctuaries …

and in a neighborhood plant nursery. Here are some moments in the nursery:

As usual I will be updating this post as the adventure continues. This blog and all my online projects are always a continuous work in progress.


* Transformation *

So cliche – I know – to use a picture of a monarch to represent transformation. But, I do love these creatures and want to celebrate the images I have captured this past week or so in the garden as the monarchs emerge from their chrysalis and fly out into the world.

A beautiful South American monarch butterfly visiting zinnia flowers in our garden ** all photos in this blog were taken by me **

Something similar is occuring in my own little life – a transformation – that I hope to work it out through this and upcoming journal-like blog post.

First, I will address a question I get all the time, almost hourly when at work :: how is it that I ended up here, in Argentina. The answer is simple and also not simple at all.

Here is how – a few years ago when I had just started out on my travels I let go of the need to control my destiny. Instead deciding to go with the flow of time and follow my destiny where it guided me.

Destiny (or something) guided me south and ever more south. It guided me to meet my current partner, to dozens of farms and work-trades, to cross countries on bike and hitch hike for days and days.

We were guided to make sudden turns, to continue on even when weary, to camp under the stars and roadside, to this very farm, and to this upcoming adventure.

Everything is changing now …

… we are Transforming.


my Travel Log: Argentina to California

This may seem like an odd time to travel across the world. And the trip itself was stressful. But I feel it is time to move forward and leave some of the more self-restricting aspect of the pandemic behind us, plus, I had a good reason to embark on this trip! All in all I made it here to California, just in time to see my sister’s Halloween play and spend the holiday itself dressed up and (wo)manning the front door at my parent’s house. And here are a few of my take-aways.

A candle my partner lit for my from our home in Argentina – – Gracias por la buena onda ❤

Traveling from South America to North America is quite a trek, and although busing, flying and training for 50 hours or so is draining, it is nothing compared to crossing countries on bike. So, I count myself lucky to have pulled this off. I jumped through all the hoops needed and was able to fly into the states without being vaccinated. In fact, vaccination is not necessary to fly either domestically or from another country in the United States, though a negative test was required. Anyway, I am here in Northern California and super thankful for all the prayers and planning that made this trip possible!

This post isn’t about navigating these chaotic times, in particular. Crossing borders is always confusing, and the needed tests and permissions seem to be constantly in flux, so if I were to report any specifics here, they would probably not be accurate in a couple of months. All I will say is that being prepared, with lots of tickets, tests, and everything you could possibly need printed out ahead of time is necessary.

Also necessary is traveling with food, lots of snacks, and mini-meals. Now with all the restrictions, it is harder than ever to find healthy, low-packaged food. For this reason being prepare with, say, almond cookies as pictured below, is much recommended. A cup of coffee can always be found, but high-protein healthy snacks are few and far between.

espresso break with some homemade almond cookies.

Alongside a dozen of cookies I also carried dried mulberries, oranges, and cranberries, packets of tea, whole wheat crackers, sprouted nuts, a meal of quinoa with vegetables, seeds bars, crystalized ginger and one or two other edible items I am now forgetting. And besides food I brought books and a set of almost-finished-zines to be sewn when I had time, and I had lots of time. I probably spent an entire 24 hours waiting broken up into segments throughout the almost 3 days of travel but I tried to make the most of this time!

That is all I have to report: just the simple survival info – that cross-country travel without being vaccinated is possible (and seems that it will mostly continue to be) and that bringing healthy snacks is a must on all trips. Hope you all have safe travels and expect a gardening post soon!!