Garden Journal :: in the greenhouse

This little world of abundance is only really possible under the cover of hoops & plastic during late fall/winter.

As much as I love the birds and other wildlife it really is a bummer to go out into the garden to see everything all eaten and destroyed.

In other garden beds we have some lentils, calendula, swiss chard & mustard greens too, but not quite as photogenic. As much as I enjoy each moment of the wheel of the year I am really looking forward to spring

Be it spring of fall I wish you all happy gardening!

DIY Health

Experiments in Germination

I love germinating – it is a part of my daily and weekly routine and has been for a number of years now. Despite my love of sprouting grains, I find it challenging to write about germinating grains in a fun, inspiring way. My wish is to spread the word about this simple way to add some extra nutrition to our diets. And so, I continue to write and hope to find a an inspiring thread here somewhere.

To add something interesting to the mix, I am using a new germinating recipient – a earthen ware pot which my partner, Jona, bought recently. The pot has yet to have been cured, so it is slightly permeable which makes it slightly breathe-able and perfect for germinating grains.

I have written another article about how to sprout grains both on this blog (link below) and in the most recent edition of the Flora Libra zine. Here are a few images from the print publication which is meant to be a companion to this web-based blog:

If you are interested in learning more about germinating grains, you may want to purchase my zine which is available for $3 (plus s+h) on my Etsy page. I would so appreciate it if you do decide to order a copy! thank you!