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Reunited With My Old Bookshelf – the reading list.

For the past few days I have been looking through this old bookshelf and re-reading a few that stand out to me now and were informative on my past. And here they are!

Tending the Wild by M. Kat Anderson — you have probably heard of this book before as so many ecologists have been inspired by the research presented here. The book covers many ethnographical studies and direct interviews with native people of the diverse landscapes of California. What i love most about Tending the Wild is how it inspires via example of how ecosystems were and are taken care of by human inhabitants.
Jungle People by Jules Henry — a fun and insightful ethnography I found in a free pile in the Anthropology section of the University of Oregon.
Star Names ; their lore and meaning found on Thrift Books.
Secrets of the Oak Woodland — a recommendation by my mom and I think a great book for homeschooling courses of all ages.

As you can see, these are a collections of both old and new books, mostly about ecology with a bit of mythology in the mix as well.

What books on your reading list these days ?

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Just Journaling … yarrow flowers & working on the land.

I collected a bouquet from the garden in the mountains, a place we have worked on collectively for a while now.

This place is a collaborative project and the work is on going. Here is one day, a family work day, with the help of my sister & dad collecting rocks, my mom using power tools, and myself enjoying the scent of these medicinal flowers.

In this tarot deck, Yarrow, which represents the Ace of Air also stands for affirming limits & boundaries.

From the Herbcrafter’s Tarot.
Travel Log

Natural Building

Flashback to Mexico, 2016 when I was had first contact with buidling with natural materials.

The mediums was cob, a mix of sand, clay and straw and remains my favorite building technique to this day.

I documented the experience in a zine I had at the time which was my collage-travel-log of woofing in central America.

Soon after I met Jona who taught me a lot more about building with Earth & many other things. Together we embarked on a long long journey which ever continues!

Photographs taken by Jona // Huertos Presentes of our last big bioconstruccion project in Argentina ~2019
~2019 — installing windows and using recycled bottles in cob walls.

After a few year break we began again to build with cob to improve the wood stove we use to heat our house – it is still a work in progress but you can see how it is going::

Have you ever built with cob? Let me know about your experiences in the comments 💛☀️


Garden Journal :: and some personal notes too

In the search for land of our own …

… we have discover new places & landscapes.

One such place is a magical trail to another little village.

Previously we thought you could only get there by the highway but it turns out the longer we live here the more alternative, bike-friendly routes we find.

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Walking through the woods with a friend plus her hija & hijo. She is also on the search for land so we sometimes search together.

In the garden ::

I have been poting plants to prepare for fall – repotting herbs that have outgrown their original pot and planting greens that do well during the colder months.

Garlic, calendula, lentils, and other random plants of the season are going into the ground with compost and a thick layer of leaves as mulch.

happy gardening – chloe calendula