⚡🌱a welcome to spring🌿⭐

What marks the changing of seasons? The equinoxes & solstices? Or the cues from nature that something has shifted?

For me – spring starts when the stone fruit trees are in bloom. Pictured here are pink flowers of nectarine and white flowers of the pear trees. And the last picture is of a magical tonic or spring, inspired by wild fermentation and flower essences 🧚🏻‍♀️🌼

Made with filtered water, local honey, and the blooms of these two trees, I am going to let the tea infuse in the sun & all night beneath the tree. I am hoping this will make a wild soda of spring, infused with the power of these flowers.

Adventures in los Talas 🌼💛

As a western herbalist I tend to feature plants native to Eurasia and my natal suite of plants from the northern hemisphere. These are also the plants that grow on the farm where my partner & I are working and living. The farm is situated in the middle of a heavily forested area. Recently I learned that this forest is called los Talas have been exploring the region almost daily.

And something very exciting has happened. An opportunity to relocate to another part of this forest has arisen. Unlike the farm, this section of forest is dominated by native trees such as this Espinillo tree and, of course, many tala trees too. I cannot say anything more at the moment, just what I have written in a recent post alongside a photograph of a Espinillo tree in bloom:


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