New Year Reading for all!

As promised here is your January 2022 pick-a-pile and here is how it works:

Think to yourself “what energies are here to help me in this new year ahead?”

Consider this a moment and then pick the natural object that most resonates with you: a sprigs of leaves, a sunflower, or three walnuts…




If you picked the maple leaves your cards are … the star, the nine of air, and the knight of swords.

What do these images and cards bring up to you?

My interpretation is that you are being asked to discover who you really are – and not just the instagram-worthy version of yourself, but a version of yourself that has formed through trials, hard work, grief and joy too. Let the challenges and triumphs of this last year fuel a new awakening.

The knight is here to help you slash through the bullshit and un-helpful words that may exist in your day-to-day. As these are very air-y or mental cards, it is important to pay attention to your thoughts and self-talk, use your words to initiate positives and avoid getting overwhelmed with an over-active mind. Remember:  you are the star of your life and have the power to make magical things happen.

If you picked the sunflower your cards are :: leo, the ace of fire, and the sun and there is one thing that jumps out to me right away: you are being asked to bring fire & solar energy into your life in a myriad of ways.

The ace cards are always about new beginnings, and with the element of fire so present in all three cards you are being asked to start something new, something active. Leo is a sign often associated with performance, may be this is a push to get involved in something theatrical or in community.

You may also be asked to get outside and have more contact with sunshine and see what new projects you are encouraged to begin… what do you see in these cards?

And if you picked the walnuts, your cards are :: the three of coins, the three of fire, and the knight of cups.

My interpretation is that you are being asked to put yourself into your community or some sort of collective project. The three of coins is about building the infrastructure for your dreams, in real life and three of fire to me always signifies an exciting and maybe overwhelming endeavor. Either way keep an eye out for the number three.

The knight of cups, like all water-y cards is about emotions and this knight is all about being in service to others, it isn’t about pouring all of your energy into someone specific, but rather about being an open ear or a shoulder to lean on for the people in your life.

I am super curious to know what cards you picked and your own interpretations, leave me a comment if you have any insight to share!


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