Capricorn Season :: in the garden

Capricorn is often seen as a pessimistic sign and usually associated with hard work.

My garden-based interpretation of Capricorn season as a time of Earth-based work. Depending on what season it is where you are, this could be a time for: adding mulch to garden beds, making compost and, planting seeds for the future (both metaphorical and physical).

Here, it is the height of summer, tomatoes are just starting to ripen and the first wave of sunflower blooms is occurring. The soil needs extra nourishment to continue on producing and another round of sowing seeds too.

Bumble bees enjoying the abundance of sunflowers in bloom.

If it is winter now for you, maybe this is the time for composting and planning for the upcoming growing season – planning is a very favorite activity of Capricorn.

During Capricorn season (December 21st to January 19th) and new year celebrations there is lots of discussion about planting (metaphorical) seeds and setting goals + intentions for this new year.

Seed saving dry beans for next year’s garden.

How does Capricorn factor into your birth chart? What planets or houses traversed the sign of Capricorn at the moment of your birth?

If you haven’t already, take a look at this section of your natal chart. This will help as a guide to how to best embody and work with the sign of Capricorn as well as working with the powers of the sun and venus which are both currently in this pragmatic & practical sign

And one last thing :: Happy New Year, many blessings for 2022!!


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