Home in Two Places

Where is home? – I wonder. Somedays I would say that home is everywhere on our planet Earth. Somedays I feel very much out of place everywhere I go. But, as I get close to my 29th birthday I am increasingly feeling at home where I am and where I am going.

A snapshot of our Argentine home and the warm clothing that shelters me everywhere.

This week marks two years living in one place – which hasn’t happened in my life since 2013 & 2014 when I was living in a big house with friends in Oregon for two consecutive years. Then after it was constant moving: a few months in an apartment, camping in backyards, road trips and then years of woofing though Latin America.

Adventure was the goal. But, it couldn’t last forever.

Eventually the constant motion had to end and now I am in a cycle of movement between two homes. One is here in the mountains of Argentina with my guy ❤ + our cats, chickens and garden. The other home is where I was born in California (USA) with my parents, sister, and the little herb garden I tend to there.

My little California home, on my parent’s land in the Sierra Nevadas.

Home is here

Maybe the reason for feeling more at home is my making a place of my own in the ethereal: my imaginal realm, the career I am forming, and this very blog post that are all threads being woven together. Now, from this point of view, I can see those threads trailing all the way back to my childhood when I dreamed of other worlds & adventures from inside the forts made with friends. Other threads began as I secretly read books on mythology, hidden inside a boring school related text.

Magical myth making guided by my favorite writer right now – Silvia Linsteadt.

And another began as I saw my mom & sister sewing and working with fabric and began to learn with them too.

Most likely these threads go way, way back to before I was born, starting with my great grandmother who taught my mother to sew.

And the love of myths, stories, crafting and dreaming would be sourced to the ancestors for whom these activities were daily life.

Magic in the making

With this sense of purpose and clarity of my paths and my home, I am ready to begin a new phase of life and work. My sewing craft is in transition. My writing is too. I am planning my next voyage to my other home, in California now as well. This may be the subject of another post, or maybe, I am not ready to share just yet but in short: my future trips will involve community and resilience in a way they haven’t before. (And in a way that is needed now more than ever).

…. to be continued ….

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