Views from the garden

We took the shade cloth off the garden and let the sunshine in. And just a few days of increased sun has totally transformed our little patch and colors are bursting forth in all direction.

It is now October which is mid-spring here in the southern hemisphere. Flowers dominate our landscapes while leafy greens flourish and other vegetables just get started growing. We grow and take care of all kinds of flowers, mostly medicinals like borage, calendula, roses, and a few decorative flowers like these poppies.

We grow them for medicine and also for the local pollinators who constantly visit our garden now. Their presence is a joy. We love to see bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds flitting about and appreciate their word as pollinators of our crops and plants in general.

Currently I’m working on a zine about building gardens and planting for pollinators. That publication will be ready to share shortly, here is a sneak peak:

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