Analog Log

Over and over I am getting the same message – to lessen my time spent online, and separate my creative life from my cellphone.

Instead of aimlessly scrolling, I am setting a goal of doing more in the real world and keep going with this blog as a log of some of these real life activities.

It probably sounds paradoxacal but, I am trying to find a balance between sharing and keeping my life totally private. I’m working on a middle ground between living the reclusive homestead life up here in the mountains and also feed my need for connection with the world wide web.

Still, I am not exactly sure how this will look, but I have a few ideas of how to replace time in previously spent scrolling on instagram…

 More time reading books and writing letters (with my phone off and far away).

 More time working on the projects that really matter to me, my fam, and my community – like fixing up our garden and collecting around the farm.

 More time finding simple solutions to ecological problems.

 More time re-wilding, in nature with ones I love, and getting back to roots.

 And finally, less time lost on social media means more time dedicated to making beautiful things, creating art to share here and now as well as here on this blog.

So, I will be plotting my next post out on paper. You know, living the analog life!

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